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Creating a brand with impact!

In our articles over the past 6 months (see previous posts), we have talked about some of the aspects that we believe make a successful brand. These days, it is more important than ever that brands are top of mind. With less time and more choice the only thing that really matters is leaving a memorable impression. How do we do this?

What’s your why?
Firstly, you need to know your brand’s reason for being. Are you offering something unique, appealing and different to other brands? Consumers are much more likely to engage with the brands that they find interesting or that do something a bit different. Try to break the sector rules, create a buzz and get your customers telling their friends about you.

Building brand consistency.
A clear, consistent brand promotes trust, respect and credibility. Be clear about your values and how you deliver them across all aspects of your business; from your visual style, messaging and tone of voice, through to the way you interact with your staff and your customers.

"Our broad and varied experience creates a unique approach that our clients love! We build long lasting client relationships, getting the best results, together."

– Malcolm Gilbertson, Founder & Creative Director Silverback Studios

Great relationships get best results.
This works on several levels, by building solid relationships with your customers, suppliers and staff alike, you are strengthening your brand and ensuring its success. Successful brands get to know their target audience and engage with them on a personal level. We all find something that appeals to us, something that makes us feel good – you need to find this soft spot. Make sure your vision is clear to both suppliers and staff, being transparent creates great relationships.

Build a healthy internal culture.
It is crucial that your staff understand, respect and embody your brand values, which in turn will help with staff retention and attracting the right kind of people to the company. Long term, your employee satisfaction will improve customer experience and deliver the best service and results possible.

A bit about Silverback Studios
As a full service design agency we pride ourselves on being able to cater to all your brand’s requirements; from brand strategy, naming and logo design to guidelines, print, website design and digital media.
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