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Tell Your Whole Brand Story

Business isn’t what it was 20 years ago, and we’re now living in a world dominated by digital media and electronic communications. From a marketing perspective, it can be quite a challenge to create cut-through, gain visibility and stand apart from the digital crowd. That’s not to say that communicating with your audience through digital media isn’t important – it’s crucial – but the digital side is just that; one side to building your brand story.

Designing something physical can create more of a personal, human connection and can have more impact. To many people, a tangible and tactile item is synonymous with quality and exclusivity. From a simple, foil-blocked or embossed logo on your business card, to a high-end bespoke and personalised item, it shows that thought and care has gone into creating a piece of communication or packaging.

"We pride ourselves on being traditional, high quality and prestigious. We needed a visual identity to reflect – Silverback did just that through the branding, printed collateral and website design. They have helped us successfully secure clients from exclusive brands to high-end design agencies."

– Hussein Ghor, Managing Director, Grays Bookbinders

Grays Bookbinders was established back in 1960 and now boasts a rich heritage in luxury binding, printing and box making, unique within their industry. They specialise in creating tailor-made books, customised portfolios, menu covers and folders as well as presentation boxes for high-end businesses and customers.

The company asked Silverback Studios to help with their rebrand, which needed to reflect the craftsmanship of the company as a whole and appeal to high-end businesses and designers alike. It was important that their printed collateral showcased Grays’ impeccable work and heritage, as well as reflecting the bespoke nature of the jobs and their diverse client base.

The brochure presents some of their luxury materials, stitching and embossing techniques, demonstrating their expertise and appealing to their target audience.

It was important that the website also mirrored the same high-end qualities.

A bit about Silverback Studios

At Silverback Studios, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting client relationships with small local companies like Flint & Flame as well as large, well known companies, such as Superdrug and Utility Warehouse. We have found that by really getting to know our clients, what is motivating them and what is best for their business, we can create designs based on true insight.
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