Calling all you young budding designers for a chance to win a £50 voucher and a #SilverbackPack full of goodies!

We know the challenge of trying to work and keep your children entertained. So we’ve put together this AWESOME activity pack to keep your little ones occupied whilst you’re working from home!

Here at Silverback we are avid supporters of WWF and their causes, we’re proud sponsors of the Susa mountain gorilla family from Rwanda. Gorillas, our closest relatives are at risk of extinction and we all need to do our part!

Follow this link to read about all the wonderful endangered animals that the WWF endeavour to protect.

Your Mission

Take your pick and research one of the WWF endangered animals and become an honorary Silverback Designer, then create a fun and engaging design, maybe a poster or a presentation to make people aware of the challenges these beautiful animals face.

We’ll be sharing your wonderful work, daily on Instagram @silverbackstudios and Facebook Silverbackstudios.

The Details

You can start sending us your entries today, send scans or photos to – all entries will need to be submitted by 30 April 2020, all designs being judged by the Silverback Troop on 10 May 2020. All entrants must be 12 years and under.

First Prize: £50 voucher and a #SilverbackPack full of goodies!
Second & Third Prize: #SilverbackPack full of goodies!

Kids: Good Luck and we look forward to seeing your creativity!
Adults: We will get through this together! #YourCreativePartner


Feeling Creative? Check out our fun downloads below. Get wild in our wordsearch, colour in the jungle, make your own silverback with our folded fun challenge and send our gorilla on holiday to your favourite place in our finish the picture task. Get creative and post online tagging #SilverbackPack We look forward to seeing your work!