Companies spend large amounts of money on external marketing but sometimes overlook internal marketing and comms with employees.

We believe that great brands are built from the inside out. If you focus on your employees and ensure that they have a clear understanding of your company strategy and a common goal to work to, this helps develop a cohesive culture. It empowers employees to make the right decisions in line with the company vision, promoting greater efficiency, productivity and happiness. Long term your employee satisfaction can be mirrored directly onto your customers by delivering better service.

Many companies spend a lot of time recruiting, interviewing and hiring but not enough time focusing on the new starter experience. All too often, it is chaotic and disorganised; a new employee arrives at work on their first day, excited at the prospect of a new job to find they don’t have an allocated desk or a computer and they are given out of date materials to read. They may then go away feeling disappointed and unfortunately it can be a downhill spiral from there with many new recruits leaving an organisation within the first year. With some careful planning and the right materials, you can make the new employee process a positive experience.


“We believe it’s added enormous value to the new starters and leads the way in our industry… Silverback®’s insight, creativity, professionalism and natural rapport with their clients made it a pleasure to partner up with them.”

Archie Harwood
Director, Harwoods Ltd
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We are not claiming to be HR experts but from a brand perspective we do know that having a joined up internal and external brand strategy can have a positive effect on business. Some simple steps to ensure employees really understand the company strategy, goals and the part they will play in reaching those goals can greatly help with employee satisfaction, retaining staff and attracting new talent in the future.

Harwoods Group appreciates the importance of staff retention and making a good first impression. They came to us last year to ask us to help them design their new starter materials. As a high-end car dealership, the design needed to be professional and slick whilst appealing to a broad range of employees and getting across the friendly, family feel of the business. We designed a Welcome pack containing essential documents for the new starter to fill in and send in or keep, a Log Book for the new employee with Pit Stops to track their Induction Journey for the first 6 months. In addition we designed a Support Guide for Managers to help monitor their progress. The documents tied in with a version on the intranet for them to track their Journey online.