Holiday season is finally here and we are spoilt for choice of places to visit.

Holidays are such an evocative subject for us all, stirring a longing to get away, relax, explore and experience. The award winning, family run travel agent Carolyn Lodge Travel is there to help make the process of choosing and planning the right holiday easier.

The company recently celebrated 30 years of professional service providing expertly selected personalised holidays. Now looking to the next 30, Carolyn Lodge Travel approached SBS to design, develop and launch their new website. The site needed to be informative, engaging, inspiring users and motivating them to speak to an expert travel consultant.

cal cover2 | Silverback

The design of the website purposefully utilises big, bold, beautiful images to lock into this sense of ‘wanting to be there’ eliciting an emotive response. The selection of imagery makes you want to pick up the phone and book there and then. The ‘call to action’ is then reinforced further and given credibility through supporting testimonials from real customers.

The sitemap structure has been created with targeted campaigns in mind, each page with a unique URL that can be linked to directly from online campaigns. Each of the holidays is further subdivided into types, allowing the addition of more imagery and video onto the page specific to that location, inspiring the user with the range of activities/things to see and do.

cl iphone ipad 5 | Silverback

Mobile web browsing has now overtaken desktop and we wanted to ensure accessibility for all those that like to spend the time meticulously planning their holiday and those that book at the last minute. The desktop and tablet versions of the site accommodate the more leisurely or meticulous users while the dynamically adapting mobile version contains all the same information but presented in a more succinct way for those on the go or in a hurry.

One of the many unique characteristics of Carolyn Lodge Travel is its expert staff. Each member has their own global specialisations and most importantly they experience the holidays themselves. When they give you advice, you know it’s first hand and not just the blurb from the brochure. To compliment this USP we developed a ‘Travel Log’ area for the staff to recount and show examples of their experiences, real stories with real images from the staff themselves.

We’re very proud of the end result, an evocative, informative, inspirational website. Now, where to go on holiday this year…


“Working with Silverback Studios was a pleasure, they understood our brief and came up with a great design for our new website at a competitive price and we are now reaping the benefits of a fantastic website that reflects the quality of our business.”

Paul Lodge
Director, Carolyn Lodge