They make what we find an arduous but important task as part of our business far less stressful. They gently guide us in the right direction with their extensive knowledge and expertise and always with a sense of humour in the mix. Great fun to work with. Thank you all! #Troopwork

Katherine Simpson
Director, Springhill Products


Springhill has over 35 years experience designing and manufacturing high quality glass doors for offices and shower enclosures. Back in 2016 we helped them launch the visual identity for Springhill Showers which we designed to appeal to high end bathroom designers and installers.

The needs of the business have shifted towards a focus on their offering of glass partition doors and their associated ‘furniture’ for office spaces rather than shower enclosures. With this in mind we needed to take their existing branding and make it more suited to their new target market.

process banner v2 | Silverback


We chose the base concept from the original design as a kick-off point, as it still felt true to the brand and explored how we could change the visual elements – in this case; colour palette, fonts and iconography – to create a more B2B centric identity for Springhill Products. The deliverables for this project needed to help grow their already impressive list of approved retailers rather than the end-user while communicating the high quality, UK designed and manufactured product Springhill provide.

shp ipad v1 | Silverback


The highest priority initially was their website which we decided needed to feel less lifestyle-focussed and more centred around the product itself. So we headed to the drawing board to see how best to achieve what Rick and Kat (the directors of the Springhill Products) needed from the new site. We came to the conclusion that the identity needed to feel more bold and ‘chunky’ to attract the right customer base although we also integrated more of the angular shapes from the original branding for a touch of sophistication. The new site features a full screen flood navigation and some lovely, smooth CSS transitions to highlight the unique process Springhill follows from initial design through to the final logistics.

springhill products


It’s been a pleasure helping Springhill on their journey over the past 5 years and seeing the positive impact we have made through creating their B2B-focused visual identity makes us very proud to be their Creative Partner. Looking forward to helping with their brand evolution for years to come!

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