“Firstly, a HUGE thank you for all your work on this… not only do we love what you’ve done from a visual perspective, we are also incredibly grateful for all the hard work and effort you’ve put in.” #Troopwork

Amy Martin
Senior Learning & Development Manager, Superdrug Plc
bespoke training tool iconography icons design


Typical customer service training would tell people to adapt their body language and smile. Superdrug felt there was a need for more. The L&D team at Superdrug together with training partner, Mary Gober International, created a comprehensive Customer Experience Training document. We were delighted to be asked to bring the training to life visually. We knew that whatever we created needed to be engaging, visual and functional as it would be used widely across all areas of the business.

cusotner experience training poster design


Working closely with both Superdrug’s HR team and Mary Gober International, we brought to life ‘That Superdrug Feeling’, a combination of video, online, printed and face-to-face learning that immersed employees in an interactive customer experience training programme. This included developing a fresh visual identity for the company’s vision, mission and values, as well as designing a set of customer experience training icons. We designed a set of informative posters and a training ‘passport’ for each employee to fill in with their line manager. The passports were a practical solution as they were easy to carry around and could be ‘checked in’ and ‘out’ in a specially designed display unit in the staff rooms, so the training was always top of mind.

training passport visual

Develop – creating a bespoke app

Following the success of the printed training materials, Superdrug quickly decided that making the passport interactive would work well for their employees, so we designed and built a user friendly app using the existing content to work on both mobiles and tablets. We were also able to help Superdrug integrate their training videos into the app, linking them to the associated tool. The result is a clean, simple interface for employees.

bespoke app design development visual training tools


The results have been impressive. The retailer enjoyed 73 weeks of consecutive sales growth after the initiative was launched and customer complaints dropped by 9.2%. The L&D team at Superdrug was awarded the CIPD/People Management Award for Best Learning & Development Initiative 2016. Whilst we cannot attribute this all to our design, we like to think this played a big part in engaging employees about the customer experience.

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