“At last, we have an online presence to reflect our excellent product! The website is slick, easy to use and we love the customisation page. We are sure it will help draw in the right type of customers and can’t wait to see the results. Thank you Silverback for helping us bring our product to life online, especially through the pandemic!”

David Duerden
Managing Director, Jensen International Automotive
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The Chieftain is a completely reengineered 1970s classic Range Rover, keeping everything that was loved about the car and scrapping everything that wasn’t – giving it more power, more comfort, better handling and better brakes. Each car is bespoke and customised to the customer’s specifications. Through reengineering, the Chieftain has been elevated to Supercar status – a real beast that sets it apart from anything else on the road. The target market is the ultra-high net worth looking for that exclusive prize. The brand attracts clients from around the globe, including the Middle East and USA. Chieftain came to us for a new website as their existing site wasn’t generating the right type of enquiries to sustain the business.

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We ran a kickoff workshop with the team and quickly realised that the existing website was causing confusion, as it housed two brands. We suggested that they split the brands and initially concentrate on Chieftain. The main purpose of the website was to educate people that Chieftain was a reengineered Range Rover, to update the look & feel and messaging to attract the right target market and to simplify the interface to be visually engaging, user-friendly and intuitive. We also decided that an area for potential customers to visually build and customise a vehicle would be a great addition to encourage them to make an enquiry. We suggested they set a basic figure and show it totalling up as more features are added.

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The result is a bespoke front-end build with a WordPress back-end, which incorporates a decision tree logic form to help tempt and engage the user to build their own Chieftain. The website is slick, modern and user-friendly with intuitive design and well thought out navigation. We created an easy to use CMS, allowing for the ability to embed videos, audio and images. The enquiry form helps to capture data and get people involved.

The customisation page allows the user to build their own car, from the chassis up. Working from basic photos, we were able to use Photoshop to create the car, so that the user is able to specify detail, such as colour, wheels, engine options and interior finish.

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Working with Chieftain has been a wonderful experience; they came with the perfect brief for us to showcase our adaptation and optimisation skills to the unique nature of Chieftain, whilst creating an attractive, interactive tool for prospects to use – increasing interest from the right target market. Look forward to seeing what the future holds!

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