Concept through to creation

Being a creative agency that specialises in visual identity, we love to see to a brand come to life and we believe there’s no better way than with motion graphics! Silverback® has a long history with motion graphics, from simple logo idents, through animation and videography to 3D motion – we love it!

Logo stings and infographic animations are a creative favourite of ours, along with title sequences and on-screen graphics to support your production.

Use motion to drive emotion

With screen attention spans getting shorter by the day, motion is a great way to attract attention, engage with your audience and communicate who you are whilst giving your brand a personality. Motion graphics enable you to communicate your key messages in a concise and interactive way.

Storyboard2 | Silverback

Budget conscious process

Everything we design is bespoke for your brand, ensuring you stand out for all the right reasons. We follow our 4 step parallel process for every project we work on but typically, our motion projects are based on an approved storyboard, presenting the key screens of the animation with supported audio or voiceover and detailed transitions.

The approved storyboard enables us to decide the best solution for your budget, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

Let’s move together!

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