We’ve been working with Silverback now for almost 6 months and are delighted with their work. They put a lot of time and effort into capturing our ‘Cheeky’ brand tone of voice and translating that into some cracking advertising for use on social media. Highly recommend. #Troopwork

Helen Rankin
Founder, Cheeky Wipes
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Cheeky Wipes was founded in 2008 by Helen Rankin. As an eczema sufferer and mother of 3 at the time, Helen was determined to find a skin (and planet) friendly alternative to disposable baby wipes, so she launched the first Cheeky Wipes kit.

Since then, the company has expanded and their range now includes products from reusable sanitary wear, nappies, make-up wipes to changing mats, breast pads and wet bags for when you’re on the go.

They are extremely proud of their environmental credentials and have some impressive stats to match.

When the company met Silverback®, Cheeky Wipes wanted to push their period pants offer through a creative social media campaign. The brief was to come up with a campaign that would stop people in their tracks, to reflect their taboo-breaking attitude, raise awareness and educate the masses on their ‘game-changing’ product.


Our creative team had a lot of fun exploring different ideas and testing how far we could go with our concepts; the answer is, further than we thought! It’s always a balancing act when working on a product of this nature, to communicate the excellent quality, value and environmental benefit without sounding too worthy. With all of our ideas, we were careful to keep the all important ‘cheeky’ character to help them stand out in a busy market. The creative is designed in three different stages – to raise awareness, educate and convert customers. The campaign uses ‘cheeky’ imagery and straight-talking copy.

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As well as a social campaign for period pants, we went on to create the ‘take the p!ss’ advert for their incontinence products, planned to feature in women’s magazines. We also recommended creating 2 landing pages – one for period and one for incontinence pants, to help educate/answer customers’ common questions in a more visual way, rather than a conventional FAQ.

The campaign engaged new customers and addressed questions they had about the products but might have been too embarrassed to ask. 


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Both Cheeky Wipes and ourselves were delighted with our first project together and we are really excited to develop our creative partnership! Watch this space for an exciting update to the Cheeky brand, as we are currently in the middle of working on a new identity, including guidelines, website and all the trimmings!

Working with Cheeky Wipes has shown our potential in adapting to fit any brand and producing quality work – no matter the tone of voice.

If you’re looking for help revitalising your brand identity, get in touch and see how we could help! 👇👇


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