“We had a lot of specialisms in our business that our core customers were not really aware of, so we enlisted Silverback to help us raise the profile of our full range. Silverback®️️ spent some time learning about the specialisms we offer and from this, created incredibly striking visuals to represent each area we wanted to promote. We loved the creatives from the first concept and they worked fantastically on print, social media and our website. The work that Silverback®️️ did for us on this project has been very effective in engaging and educating our customers.” #Troopwork

Lavina Appasamy
Group Digital Marketing Executive, IBMG

IBMG flyer visual 2 1 | Silverback


IBMG’s individual brands all have their own unique set of skills and specialisms which they wanted to shout about. They contacted Silverback®️️ to create a unique identity which does just that! An adaptable design was required to be used across a range of platforms, to educate and promote the staff to cross-sell to customers, as a set or as stand out specialisms on their own.

posters visual 2 | Silverback


We chose a bright and diverse colour palette to reflect the range of specialisms on offer, used with imagery interacting with bold typography. The strapline, ‘We’ve got it all covered’, reflects the brand’s purpose, making it known that they have a range of specialisms, saving consumers time and hassle and get their needs met all under one roof. The intent of this design is to engage and inform the audience on the specialisms, in a way that can be used individually or as a group.

IBMG phone mockup 2 1 scaled | Silverback


The identity was distributed on both digital and print deliverables. The brochures go in to details on each of the specialisms, along with natural imagery and playful iconography. Digitally, we created, microsites, web banners and 6 webpage designs; one for each specialism, clearly listing all services in detail that can be used across all their acquired brands along with current deals and case studies. The posters are adaptable through appropriate brands to be shown in the footer, so it is clear to the customer which brands offer the services,



web Mockup scaled | Silverback


This bold, engaging identity works in any environment. The selection of designs reflect IBMG’s brand and values, being bold and noticeable, being able to work together or as individuals. We look forward to expanding this identity and continue to work with IBMG in the future.