We are over the moon with what the Troop have imagined for our vision of the farm. They’ve elevated the look & feel, making it modern whilst keeping it traditional, preserving the heritage and our focus on conservation. Highly recommended to anyone looking for support with destination branding, signage, merchandise and website design. #Troopwork

Will Elliot

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Whipley Manor Farm is a 300 acre estate and family owned business by the Elliott family since 1920. Recently the estate has grown, becoming home to a number of new businesses, including Maddings Eatery, Taurus wines, Tandem Catering, Cardinal Room tattoo and piercing studio, Africa Collection, Dunnocks Farm Shop and not to forget, Silverback®! Due to their recent expansion and attraction to the area they were in need of a rebrand and new website.

We helped the Elliott family bring their vision to life, this included a brand workshop to discover their vision, mission, values, which led in to establishing a visual identity and application of, to multiple touch-points.

WMF Stationery | Silverback
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The brand had to encompass their traditional values and farming. We focused the logo on the farming by linking it to different types of grain (cereal, wheat, barley). The colour palette and the fonts were inspired by the previous identity, keeping some heritage in the design. We created the tagline ‘Discover, Browse, Relax’, to raise curiosity to passers by as the farm was previously hidden away, this communicates that there are a number of businesses including shopping and hospitality at the farm.

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Once the identity had been approved the project expanded in to stationery, workwear and an estate website. The estate website was to not only promote the farm and the family owned Animal Feeds Store, but it also needed to showcase all of the other businesses on the site, we did this by categorising all the other businesses in to the ‘Discover, Browse, Relax’ category framework, along with a page for each business. Other than an online presence, signage was a big part of the project to raise awareness and direct people around the farm.

WMF mobile | Silverback
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The rollout of the branding included website, signage, uniform and printed collateral. The colour scheme and natural design really fit in to the surroundings, the rebrand has lifted the farm and the new site has successfully displayed the beautiful location and the services they have to offer.

Take a look at the site!

If you’re looking for help revitalising your brand identity or a web refresh get in touch below today!

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