“Such was the success of the Silverback development of our sister ‘JIA Chieftain’ website, we had no hesitation in commissioning the team to transform our ‘Jensen’ website along similar lines. All the Silverback team engaged strongly with our company and took the trouble to understand what we are looking to achieve as a business. Not only was the website development handled with insight and flexibility, all aspects of engagement with web traffic was considered with sound advice and support given with regards prospect management, SEO and more.”

Durran Heslop
Client Relations, Jensen International Automotive


The JIA Interceptor R blends fully restored classic Italian styling, modern, reliable, American V8 power and sensitive re-engineering including Independent Rear Suspension for a fully bespoke classic supercar experience like no other. The Interceptor R is the re-engineered classic that you can actually use every day, and once you have experienced it you will want to use it every day.

jensen cs image1 | Silverback


It was clear from our initial discovery session with JIA that their existing website, although very informative, wasn’t doing their product or service justice. It was also apparent that the UI and general look and feel wasn’t appropriate for their ultra-high net worth target audience.

Having recently developed a new website for the JIA’s sister product (Chieftain Range Rover), we saw an opportunity to utilise the Chieftain websites framework and build on top of what was there, re-working the stylesheets in-line with the JIA brand and ultimately saving the client money.

jensen ipad | Silverback


The result is a slick, bespoke design and build with a custom WordPress back-end. The website has the high-end look and feel the client craved with a custom JavaScript configurator acting as a lead magnet for potential buyers. An easy to use CMS allows the client to update all areas of the website including embeding videos, audio and images. The enquiry form helps to capture data and gets people involved.

The customisation page allows the user to build their own car from the chassis up. Working from basic photos, we were able to use Photoshop to create the car, so that the user is able to specify detail, such as colour, wheels, engine options and interior finish.