This was my first time personally working with Silverback for our inaugural event. The Troop did a great job with the branding which is no easy feat working with such a large group of brands. I look forward to working with them again in future. #Troopwork

Tanya Elliot
Marketing Operations Executive, IBMG


We produced display graphics for IBMG’s first ever supplier day event at the Williams F1 Centre, the purpose of the event was to celebrate IBMG’s success and growth and share plans going forward. They tasked us to brand the event, create a theme and produce deliverables including a series of display graphics including signage, floor, wall and window vinyls, table cards and an animation.

IMG 7555 edit | Silverback


As the event was being held in the Williams F1 Centre, the favoured route, In Pole Position plays on the racing theme, as well as illustrating that they are in a great position to dominate their market! The identity consisted of bright multi-coloured lines behind bold typography, mimicking racing cars whilst tying in all IBMG’s different independent builders merchant brands.

IMG 7680 edit | Silverback


The In Pole Position brand was displayed across the event, the centre piece being an animation which really brings the brand to life. Other branded materials included notebooks, tentcards and lanyards. The IBMG logo was also printed on floor graphics as way-finding, directing the attendees to the auditorium which included a full branded wall showcasing all of the brands in the group.


The event was a huge success and the branding of the event fulfilled the brief given by IBMG, setting a benchmark for the future of supplier day events. We have enjoyed working with them on their first event and look forward to working with them on future events.

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