Silverback have been amazing, helping us with yet another fantastic event! Everyone loved the creatives and it was great seeing the brand come to life. #Troopwork

Hayley Munns
Own Brand Assistant Marketing Manager


Superdrug’s own brand department tasked Silverback® to create an identity across a range of deliverables for their internal promotion of their Solait tanning range. This was for an event at HQ East Croydon, following a Hawaii theme. The event consisted of a tiki bar where people choose their tan of choice through a decision tree, a limbo with the chance to win a Solait hamper and a coconut shy to crack the tanning myths which relates to many of the products having a coconut fragrance!

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For the event we conceptualised the name ‘Let’s Glow’ and created an identity of pink neon handwriting on a leafy background, surrounded by flowers. The identity represented the tanning range and followed the theme of the event, and was rolled out on to roller banners, a wall divider banner, decision trees, tent cards and an animation displaying all the products. When displaying the products, Superdrug’s packaging identity of pale pink and blue was taken on, working alongside the Let’s Glow identity.

SUP 1071 OB SolaitBronzingEvent tentcard | Silverback
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The animation for the event gave an introduction to the range, showing the key products with their qualities and statistics, along with a group shot, finishing with the tag line ‘Know your glow’. Products which contain coconut release coconut icons when appearing on screen, and the tanning drops release sparkles relating to the qualities of the product. The tent cards each displayed information on each of the products in the range, educating people on the qualities alongside a statistic, even after the event. We worked alongside the own brand team on the day of the event to decorate the space, supplying a range of decorations including balloon statues, a tiki skirt for the ‘bar’ and flower garlands.


We had a great day at Superdrug HQ with the Own Brand team, the event was a huge success and it was great to see people joining in for the limbo and coconut shy, educating people on the range in a fun way using interactive activities.

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